The Big Release

The last time I wrote (oh, just 11 months ago) I was on the verge of releasing my comedy album. Then it happened! I released Surprised Eyebrows on June 7th, 2019. The “big release” in this day and age just means I pressed the upload button on a website. That site distributed my album to all the digital platforms, like iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, etc. And of course it’s on my own website, where I can sell it directly.

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For the Record

Hey there. I know the last few times I’ve posted, I talked about how I don’t do comedy really anymore, so this might sound surprising: I recorded a comedy album! It’s going through editing right now, and it should be released this summer! Holy shit, right?

It took a few years go work up the nerve. Several people urging me to do it, seeing some of my peers making decent money from their royalty cheques, and “how have you NOT done this yet?” Part of it is that I’m stubborn and resist whenever someone says “you GOTTA” do something. You’ve GOTTA see this show! You MUST go to (some place), how have you never gone? You HAVE TO sign up for (some thing that everyone is doing).

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How Was 2018?

Short answer: Pretty good, thanks.

I wanted to drop in to do a quick recap, some updates since my last post which was like 8 months ago. My problem is that I can never keep it short, and then a blog post becomes too time-consuming and a pain in the ass, so I don’t do it. I’ll challenge myself to keep it much shorter, just keep the categories as brief as possible. All of these could easily spin off into their own posts.

Love life: This one is easy to start with, because it’s a “nope”. I’ve had lots of first dates, a few seconds and even thirds, but nothing has stuck.

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Lucky 7


April Fools! I moved here seven years ago and the joke never stops. April 1st 2011 was the day I rolled into Toronto, on a Friday afternoon around rush hour. I was pretty tense about the traffic, about driving on this massive highway into this big new city. But I was almost there. It was nothing like the panic I felt at the beginning of the journey, leaving Calgary with just a whole lot of hope and no back-up plan.

Comedy brought me here 7 years ago, but it’s not why I stay. I knew that besides comedy, Toronto had a lot to offer. For three years I thought about moving here, feeling restless in Calgary. I wanted something… else. New scenery, meet new people, and just be closer to everything. I wanted to try acting, especially in commercials. That looks pretty easy, I thought to myself.

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In the Background

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.29.45 PM

I forgot that I once wrote about the joys of working background. At the time I had only been doing it for a few weeks, so I obviously knew everything. Out of my many jobs, it’s still my favourite, and my main source of income. I first started this post because I had a booking cancelled on me one morning, but they still had to pay me for the day anyway. Thanks, union! So I went to a coffee shop instead, earning a full day’s pay while dicking around on the computer.

The correct term is “background performer”, but I can’t get on board with “background artist“. Come on. If I’m talking to non-industry people, I try to use more universal terms like “being an extra”. But it gets confusing when you say stuff like “I’m doing extra work” (You’re working harder than necessary?) or “I got an extra gig” (An additional gig? Doing what?). Eventually I have to trust that people can follow along if I call it background work. Or doing BG. We are the BeeGees.

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