No Touching

This is a gig I did in 2019, and it was released a year later during the pandemic. I thought the message was timely.

I’m the prison guard, in case you were wondering :) Here’s a little behind the scenes scoop: This was one of the rare times where I was booked as a background performer, but they gave me a line on the day. I just want to emphasize how rarely this happens. In the almost 10 years I’ve been in the business, it’s happened to me 3 times.

If an extra speaks, they get upgraded to “actor” status and it’s a bunch of paperwork with the union. The pay is upgraded, too, like triple the background rate. Plus an up-front buyout, instead of getting residuals later on. It can get expensive for the show, so that’s why directors are never like: “You there, kid. Yeah, you! I like your style. Get over here and show us what you’ve got!”

So this was a great workday for me, fairly short and with the unexpected bonus. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get my name in the credits, but on the other hand I’m just glad they didn’t cut me out altogether.

Speaking of cuts, you might have noticed a bit of editing here to give it more “Karen”. I didn’t list the name of the show, because I’m expecting to get busted for copyright violation any second now. Let’s just say it’s a show about tiny pretty dancers, on a streaming service where you can watch a lot of flix.

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