Ambassadors Wanted

More memories from the early pandemic, continued from my previous post.

I have a few part-time jobs, and when the pandemic started, I lost all of them. Nothing I do can be converted to a work-from-home set-up. I used to be a graphic designer, but I’ve been out of that industry for over 10 years. A while ago I had signed up with a creative services job agency, so I let them know that I was available… like everyone else in the world.

People on Facebook were also scrambling for work: “Does anyone need me to tutor their kids? Can I walk any dogs for you?” Someone I knew through banquet serving had a lead on hospital screening jobs; where you intercept people at the door, take their temperature, ask all the COVID safety questions, etc. It sounded perfect for unemployed serving staff. Ultimately, the jobs were filled with newly unemployed hospital staff.

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The Long Spring

We’ve been into the pandemic for over a year now. I wanted to leave a snapshot for my future self, so I can look back and say, “Yep, those were some crazy times. Remember when we had to wear masks everywhere?”

March 13, 2020. A tattoo shop in my neighbourhood was having a “Friday the 13th” special. I saw the line down the block and thought, “Oh no! The apocalypse has begun!” until I figured out what was going on. No worries, we’re still cool in this neck of the woods. Little did I know those line-ups would become a regular part of life.

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