Lucky 7


April Fools! I moved here seven years ago and the joke never stops. April 1st 2011 was the day I rolled into Toronto, on a Friday afternoon around rush hour. I was pretty tense about the traffic, about driving on this massive highway into this big new city. But I was almost there. It was nothing like the panic I felt at the beginning of the journey, leaving Calgary with just a whole lot of hope and no back-up plan.

Comedy brought me here 7 years ago, but it’s not why I stay. I knew that besides comedy, Toronto had a lot to offer. For three years I thought about moving here, feeling restless in Calgary. I wanted something… else. New scenery, meet new people, and just be closer to everything. I wanted to try acting, especially in commercials. That looks pretty easy, I thought to myself.

Longtime blog readers will remember I had trouble settling in at first. It’s not the kind of stuff you share on Facebook. I had trouble making connections, both personal and career-wise. Everything felt so cold and expensive, trying to establish myself. But I never doubted or regretted the move. I never had the urge to flee. I knew it would take time, that eventually I would find my people, my place, my rhythm.

Once I moved to town, I moved twice more, until I finally lucked into this cute apartment in an amazing location. My landlord is a real character and the water pressure is terrible, but I love it. It’s getting close to five years here, the longest place I’ve lived in my adult life. Only 3 things would get me out:
1) Eviction/demolition,
2) I find my soulmate and we move in together, but it would still have to be a pretty sweet place, or
3) I leave Toronto. Again, that would have to be a pretty great reason for why I’d leave.

I don’t have anything profound to wrap this all up with. This post is mostly a record for myself to look back and say: “Heh. Cool.”

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