2017 Was Great For… Health

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“At least I have my health.”

It seems like something you say when everything else is going miserably. Yeah, so I’m able-bodied and don’t have any chronic/terminal illness, big deal. But when you stop to think about it, yeah, that’s a pretty big deal! It would suck to not have those things going for me. I need to remember that health as something to be grateful for.

In 2017 I didn’t break any bones or have any surgery. I had at least one cold, maybe two.

neuromaI do have a problem with my foot though, called Morton’s neuroma. This picture does good job describing it: It’s a pinched nerve that is very ow. Jumping, walking, living my life — everything hurts. It’s caused by a lifetime of bad shoes and just the way my foot is shaped.

I’d noticed it occasionally over the years, but it became a regular thing in 2015. I’ve tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, massage (not really as a cure, but I thought it couldn’t hurt), a cortisone injection, and I got orthotics. I carry a bottle of Motrin around to help get me through the day, especially for my catering job. I wear sandals at home now because I’m not supposed to be barefoot. I’ve spent a lot of money over the past couple of years and nothing seems to work. The next step is surgery, which seems so scary and permanent. All they do is just take the nerve out so you don’t feel anything there anymore. Can you imagine if that’s how all surgeries went?

I stopped going to my bootcamp group because most of the workout involved running around outside. It was a good excuse to stop exercising, and I felt slow and weak because of it. A fitness nut I know kind of called me on my bullshit: “You know, there’s other things you can do at the gym that are low-impact for your feet: Rowing, cycling, weights, etc.” Yeahhhh, I guess.

I joined the YMCA in June, and I’m proud to say I’ve been managing 3-4 days a week for the past seven months. I do weights, yoga, those hard-to-describe gravity machines, and bootcamp classes (avoiding any running/jumping). Every month I check in on one of those electronic body mass measuring machine thingies. My weight stays the same, which doesn’t matter because I assume it’s all hardcore muscle now. The other measurements fluctuate, based on things like how long ago you ate or went to the bathroom. So I’m not seeing a lot of scientific results right now, but you know what, I FEEL GOOD! I might not look any different, and my clothes fit the same, but I feel stronger. I know I have new & improved muscles, even if the machine can’t find them.

On December 21st I got a Christmas miracle — or technically a solstice one. I revisited one of my many foot doctors to talk about surgery. Like, “I’m getting tired of this, just find someone to take my foot off”. It’s going to be a long wait for a surgeon, but in the meantime, he suggested we try the cortisone shot again. It didn’t work the first time, but he assured me there’s no harm trying it again.

Pssst…. I think it worked! My foot feels pretty okay! I forgot what it was like to not have to think about pain. For two years I always chose the path of least walking, like escalator vs stairs, or taking transit if I had to go more than a few blocks. I’ve worked a few catering shifts since then without needing pain pills. I tried out my new foot at the gym, running around and even some jumping jacks. I’ll try not to overdo it though. There’s no guarantee of how long the cortisone will last, and I don’t want it wearing off while I’m in the middle of doing something stupid.

So looking ahead at 2018 — I do have my health, and that’s pretty great :)


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