Spring Flings

Lately it feels like well-meaning people have been questioning why I’m single, or trying to set me up with someone… anyone.

I generally hate it when people try to fix me up. I do believe my friends have good intentions, I just don’t put a lot of faith into their choices. Just because you know two single people, that’s not a reason to try and merge them.

Some people are serial monogamists, and I don’t understand how they can do that. Even if I did want to have one relationship after another… where do I find a bunch of guys that I actually like? I’m usually single because I don’t know how to be a “we”. You know, one of those people who starts most sentences with: “Mark and I went here–” “Mark and I will come to your party–” “Mark and I think that–” Really? What do YOU think? I’ve never met this Mark person, and I didn’t ask to hear what he thinks.

I think people go through phases in their lives, where sometimes they’re ready to be with someone, other times they’re not. Right now I’m enjoying freedom from spouse and kids. I’m self-absorbed and it’s my gawdamn right to be that way. That’s why I have a blog about myself. That’s why all my sentences start with “I”. That’s why I don’t date a lot — I’m not interested in what he’s into, I’d prefer to talk about myself. And about IKEA cabinets.

The longer I’ve been single, the harder it is to be otherwise. I’m in my crotchety comfort zone. Maybe it’s the change in seasons, but I’m starting to have a change of heart. It occurs to me that I have not been on date yet in 2009. It’s been even longer since I’ve gotten any. You know that I’m partial to the guy in Grande Prairie, but he’s not geographically convenient.

While I enjoy being single, I realize that I’m not taking full advantage of it. Specifically, the casual dating part of it (stuff you can’t do when you’re married). I had a profile on Plenty of Fish over a year ago; I dusted it off this week and started browsing again. Maybe I could be more open-minded about the friend fix-ups. Maybe I’ll find someone to go shopping with at IKEA.

One thought on “Spring Flings

  1. ya, that’s how I feel too. Granted, I have gone on a few dates and have a couple of ex’s who I can hang out with if I’m needing boy attention, but it’s not quite the same. I crave new. But… i’m not quite willing to go online quite yet. Maybe this fall if my ‘single’ status is still single. Seeing as I was one of those serials… I have no idea how I did it for as long as I did, cause it’s harder now. Maybe it’s because there’s a ‘3’ before my age instead of a ‘2’ though I’d never go back…

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